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» The Maldives

Your Private Trip to The Maldives

Where to stay depends on what you like!

The name Maldives is synonymous with romantic tropical honeymoons. This remote paradise sits in the Laccadive Sea southwest of Sri Lanka and India. Unique geography sets it apart from other destinations. It sits on a chain of 26 ring-shaped coral atolls, each of which contains smaller islands, allowing many resorts to occupy their own private islands. Exclusivity—combined with sunny skies, swaying palms, white sand beaches, and rich coral reefs—make the Maldives the perfect place to get away from it all.

Visitors fly into the airport of the capital, Malé (not a prime destination itself) and then immediately board a seaplane or motorboat to their resort of choice. Unlike our other destinations, the Maldives isn’t a place to indulge in culture, history, or shopping. It’s purely a retreat into nature for relaxation, rejuvenation, and enjoyment of the sea.


The superb coral reefs of the Maldives are a prime destination for divers and snorkelers, who come to see manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, moray eels, and an array of other colorful tropical species.

Of course, spa treatments are a resort favorite; each of the top resorts has a fantastic spa. Depending on the property, distinctive styles can suit different tastes, such as Ayurvedic treatments, detox programs, fitness-focused, and beauty packages.


A resort for every taste

There are dozens of 5-star resorts in the Maldives, the finest of which raise the bar to offer over-the-top luxury with personal butlers and private pools. Over-water bungalows are the iconic accommodation of choice for most visitors to the Maldives; some resorts feature only over-water bungalows. Those who prefer to sleep on land can choose resorts with beach villas (complete with thatched-palm roofs) and garden villas, which offer greater seclusion.

Romantic as it may be, the Maldives is not just for couples. Some of the larger resorts attract a mix of guests, and some are family-friendly, with kids’ clubs and a variety of activities. Spa-oriented resorts appeal to solo travelers seeking a relaxing retreat. Singles and groups of friends flock to resorts with nightclubs and live music.


Resort stays with transfers starting from US$600 per person/per night.

The Maldives Travel Tips

Pairs well with India, the United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka, due to their proximity and variety of flight options. There are also direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, and Hong Kong.


Close to the equator, the Maldives are warm year-round, but some months are rainier. The best time to visit extends from December to March, while the southwestern monsoon runs from May to October. June and July are best avoided, as that’s when the monsoon is heaviest. October and November are a shoulder season in which the rains taper off.


National Public Holidays 2018

January 1  International New Year’s Day

February 15 – 20  Chinese New Year Celebration (increased regional travel)

May 1  International Labor Day

May 15  Ramadan Begins

June 15  End of Ramadan/Eid Al-Fitr

July 26  Independence Day

August 21  Haji Day

August 22  Eid-ul Al’haa

November 3  Victory Day

November 11  Republic Day

November 20  Malid al-Nabi, Birth of the Prophet

December 24  Christmas Eve

December 25  Christmas Day

December 31  International New Year’s Eve

The Maldives on the Map