Ilex Luxury Travel specializes in personalized itinerary customization for your deluxe tour of Asia.


Your trip is designed just for you, so the starting date and location is up to you. We get to know your desires for the trip and create a unique itinerary that caters to your interests. Whether you are traveling as a couple, solo, as a family, or with a group of friends, the experience will be crafted to ensure your maximum enjoyment. Most guests want to see the main cultural highlights, and we agree that they are an important part of your trip. Where Ilex Luxury Travel really shines is with finding ways to add special travel moments catered to your interests.


Do you prefer charming boutiques, historical grande dames, or opulent new hotels with fantastic amenities? We personally inspect hundreds of luxury hotels so that our recommendations are a perfect fit. Let us know what matters most to you in a hotel: an award-winning spa, a Michelen-starred restaurant, proximity to nightlife, your own private pool, or a breathtaking view. Private villas, live-aboard dive boats, and deluxe cruises are also possibilities.


From the moment you land, we arrange all the transportation for you. Your driver awaits holding a sign bearing your names for the transfer to your hotel in a luxury vehicle. Our transfer vehicles will be equipped with cold water, refreshing towels, plenty of luggage room, and of course, air-conditioning. Depending on your style of travel, getting around during your tours could be by yacht, deluxe minivan, charter plane, or for the more intrepid, by local longtail boats and tuk-tuks.


Your guides will be locals who are fluent in English. The local language will be their first language, and many are multi-lingual. The guides are not just knowledgeable about history and culture but adept at ensuring your comfort, enjoyment and safety. Flexibility is always part of a private tour. Feel free to linger on getting that perfect shot, skip over anything that isn't compelling, or ask your guide to translate so you can interact with those you encounter.